Our products

Bud brings together banks, fintechs and data enrichment services to solve real-world problems for users and open up new revenue opportunities for businesses.


Our products are designed to work seamlessly and securely with first party client data, where required, and can be accessed via our developer portal. The Bud platform is comprised of three key services:



Gain access to stable, secure & regulated APIs which link to a variety of third party data sources. This service includes access to Account Information Services (AIS) and Bud's network of non-bank services.


These intelligent data enrichment services can be used by businesses to enhance user experience, power financial management tools or streamline processes. Features include categorisation, regular payments finder, bills and rent finder and more coming soon.


Intelligently connect customers with our network of service providers to solve real-world problems and create new business value. Help customers improve their credit history with Rent Recognition or help your customers switch utility providers.

Our unified APIs and dedicated implementation team make connecting to Bud simple.