05 June, 2019

Episode 4: Generation Rent

This week, Jamz is joined by gal-dem founder Liv Little and her mum Michelle to talk about the challenges faced by today’s generation as they struggle to buy a home.

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Episode 4: Generation Rent

Episode 4 of Futureproof sees Jamz joined by Liv Little, founder of gal-dem magazine, and her mum Michelle to talk about ‘Generation Rent’ – a modern-day housing crisis impacting millennials across the U.K.

The discussion explores the new challenges faced by young people today as they attempt to take the first steps towards home ownership – as well as the practical steps they can take to succeed in an environment many feel has the odds stacked against them.

Here, both Liv and Michelle compare their different experiences of renting and trying to get onto the property ladder, and explore the potential solutions made available through shifting mindsets, technology and changing legislation.

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