22 May, 2019

Episode 3: How to beat paycheck panic

Founder of BlackGirlFest, Unmasked Women and one of Forbes’ 100 Women Founders In Europe, Nicole Crenstil talks about staying positive and avoiding paycheck panic with Jamz.

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Episode 3: How to beat paycheck panic

For the third episode of Futureproof, host Jamz Supernova speaks to Nicole Crenstil: founder of ‘BlackGirlFest’, curator of ‘Unmasked Women’ and listed by Forbes in the top 100 Woman Founders in Europe.

The discussion is centred around ‘paycheck anxiety’, the stress many young adults feel as they wait to receive their income. It’s a problem part of a much wider feeling of financial anxiety, felt across the demographic (our research found that a huge 96% worry about their finances).

Here, both Jamz and Nicole share practical tips on how to manage money stress, as well as the tools required to do so – providing some valuable pointers for those looking to establish a greater sense of financial confidence.

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